Village Living…!

There’s no doubt that our Villages are going to benefit, long term, from the big shift that emerged – during and post – the Covid Age. Avalon, Bilgola and Newport are now viewed as permanent options for buyers that would never have considered the area previously. It’s come about due to the profound changes to the way we now work, live and play – and pay – our mortgages.

Many of us now have more choice about where we live, the lifestyle we chose, and how we work. With less need to be within daily commuting range of a CBD and more flexibility around work hours…it suits us up here.

This is of course, completely unrelated to the current slowdown in the market, which I am sure will emerge as essentially, a wobble, in the long term trend.

Certainly, things are less frenetic now, but we are still selling properties that represent lifestyle, and whilst sales are slower, overall supply remains tight. This is a good opportunity for buyers with less pressure and FOMO; but remember buyers – you only gain that advantage if you actually buy.

My advice. Get all your ducks in a line: timing, deposit, and mortgage, then buy what you want to live in. Long term, you can’t lose.

Here are some stats. Essentially, despite reported falls in prices, our area is still well up over the past year.

Avalon Beach is up by 23.4% year to June, and 87.3% over the last 5 years.

Bilgola is up 26.1% to June…

Newport is up by 36.5% to June, 67.9% over 5 years

Mona Vale is up by 20.2% to June, 54.7% over 5 years

Data is inadequate (apparently) for Palmy and Whaley

Here are a couple of dates for the diary:

Avalon and Newport locals will remember – and miss! – the Market Days that used to run on consecutive Sundays in November. Great days when the shopping strips truly came alive! Avalon was closed off with market stalls that ran through Old Barrenjoey Road and into Dunbar Park, and along Avalon Parade, with food and live music.

And in Newport, all the ‘off Barrenjoey’ lanes and spaces were full of great stalls, food, fun and music.

These events did take a huge effort to get going, and operate. That, plus 2 years of Covid, sadly saw them come to an end.

But, there ARE still things going on! Robertson Road’s recent Friday night event was great fun, with a real sense of community. There will be another one in October, we hear…

And in Avalon, a new event is coming.

The Market On The Green is happening on Sunday, September 11, at Avalon ‘Bowlo’ from 11-5pm…stalls are available. It’s intended to be a showcase for local artisans and businesses. And we know there’s plenty of local talent out there! Plus, you can pop into The Bowlo for a beer afterwards to enjoy their Sunday night band. Hopefully, this is the start of something good…maybe something bigger!

And the Northern Beaches Readers Festival is coming to Avalon…September 23-25 at the Avalon Recreation Centre.

For details:


It never used to be ‘a thing’ to park in the middle of Old Barrenjoey Road. Now, the Council has replaced the painted ‘island’ with unbroken double lines. This removes ALL DOUBT – we will be fined if we park there, or drive (forward or in reverse) over them. Sigh…

Aside…Sydney’s iconic beach life was captured years ago by photographer Max Dupain, with images from Newport and elsewhere and of course ‘The Sunbaker’. His son, Rex Dupain, is exhibiting until 13 August at Michael Reid in Newport, nature and traffic arrows! How appropriate.

Now we have a very engaged community here, and I know many care deeply for ‘Our Place’

The community meetings to interact with our elected councillors are a good opportunity to hear what’s going on – and to give (polite) feedback and pose questions. The next one is later this month, at the Newport Community Centre…on Wednesday 24 August 7-8.30pm.

And if you’re not living here yet. Scroll down for some great opportunities to join us…