The classic surf break at North Avalon is not the only attraction to this little pocket of the Peninsula. Students at Barrenjoey High School have been steadily achieving higher results, year-on-year, and the school is now considered one of the most successful in the area. The catchment area that surrounds it has also been achieving great results – in the real estate stakes, rising by a staggering 45% over the last 24 months.
Of course, the story is more complicated than that – Avalon, Bilgola and Newport sellers have experienced unprecedented demand since the market took off in response to Covid in mid-2020, as expats looked to return, and many more from elsewhere in Sydney, sought access to ‘the beaches’ lifestyle.
Despite the papers this week, dampening down expectations, we see no evidence of a slow down here, nor with our neighbours on the Upper North Shore, where records are being shattered too! What seems most apparent is that access to space, nature, a more relaxed lifestyle – and good schools – has made us winners during these strange recent times.
With little stock, there are plenty of buyers still looking to access the dream…and now that we’re officially ‘opening up’ we expect a new wave of buyers – expats – finally returning home.
We mentioned China last week…here’s a good précis (below) of the situation, regarding the major Chinese property group, Evergreen, which is turning out to be something of a ‘canary in the mine shaft’.
However, things still look good locally; we’re heading out of lockdown, vaccination rates are climbing, and Summer’s coming..! Let’s try to keep the recovery rolling and Covid out of the community. Get ready to produce your vaccination record – and reap the rewards of freedom.
Palm Beach made the weekend papers…for an overly ambitious BMW driver who decided to go off road – and travel ‘cross country’ (well, on the sand). Unsurprisingly, he got bogged…and needed to be rescued, by tractor! So, if and when, the idea crosses your mind, shut it down, it’s harder than it looks!
And update on ‘Dougie’ Darko Decic…it seems that there are certain elements of the legal process to go through. The hope is that his sentence might be benevolent. Perhaps to be released to do work in the community. Already, there’s been offers of employment and accommodation…it made the ABC-TV News on Tuesday night!
Lastly…’local’ business The Boathouse Group is taking over The Manly Pavilion…get ready for the great ‘reopening’…double jabs will be first out!