The Weekly March 30 2023

There’s a crisp in the air

We’re on the other side of the election, of summer and (PSA) of daylight savings come this Sunday. That’s clocks back not forward for those who need to hear it. So while we hate to be the bearer of bad news, we’re calling it —the silly season has come to an end. Some might mourn this, and don’t get us wrong, we love a still-light balmy evening beverage as much as the next, but there’s something so comforting about a little crisp in the air, a few more available weekends, enough time to delve deep into nonsense culture (Gwyneth Paltrow’s court case comes to mind) and local restaurants getting their weekend dinner service back post-wedding season. Case in point, Dunes is open this Saturday night so if you’ve been hankering, book in quick. Yep, call us crazy but we’re quietly looking forward to Autumn. March doesn’t count. It was hotter than Christmas.

Market wrap

It seems like a dicey time to buy, right? We’ve had 10 rate rises in a matter of months and inflation is making the cost of living a stress on households the country over. But sometimes uncertain times can also present opportunities for people with the right criteria to make the magic happen. Thanks to a softening in the market, this might just be the time for some… but you need to be savvy. These what-you-need-to-know tips from Domain are the perfect desktop research to see that you’ve got your ducks in a row before diving in, chatting to experts and the like. Speaking of experts, have a read, and then come and talk to us. We have a few absolute gems you might be interested in.

What’s on

Terrey Hills is going through a renovation of sorts, with chatter about multiple new ventures, spaces and collectives currently doing the rounds. And the first cab off the rank is The Palms, operated by none other than Pip and Andrew Goldsmith. The former Boathouse duo are back in business as the creative minds behind this new sprawling nursery and namesake eatery (formally Bar Berkelo for a hot minute but most will remember it as Buddha Belly) and as you can imagine, it’s a lush space. The nursery is filled with a stunning range of indoor and outdoor plants to make any green thumb swoon and naturally, a slew of coveted homewares  — both signatures of the creative couple. It’s an oasis you can shop, have a long lunch in, and even host an event if you’ve got something coming up. While only 30 minutes from home, it feels like you’re a mile away from anywhere.

If you’re keen to avoid the mad rush around Woolworths on Easter long weekend scrounging for the last chocolate eggs the NB has to offer, and you want to get something a little elevated, then we’ve got a few little pre-planned local purchases for you. If you’re looking for a boujee treat for yourself, save the Cadbury for the kids, and head to Dessee (yes Dessee for chocolate, who knew!) and pick up some Loco Love Hazelnut Hares — silky smooth hazelnutty dark chocolate goodness that’s organic, gluten and refined-sugar free. While you’re at it, order your hot cross buns from La Banette to make sure you secure your golden, expertly baked goods. And to adorn the brunch tablescape? Tasteful, chic Easter decorations do exist and they can be found at Haven and Sarah. You’re welcome.

There was a great turn out last night at Bowlo for the first Avalon Palm Beach Business Chamber Inc meeting! We know that’s not easy with busy businesses and home lives. We’re excited to have a chamber for this community and to see the support from business owners was great. Thank you also to @avalonbowlo @alfonsowoodfiredpizza and the Red Herrings for the great music. If you would like to join the chamber, you can do so via the link And don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter!


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