The Weekly March 17 2023

It’s getting hot in here

The NSW election is less than two weeks away and things are heating up. Literally and figuratively. Not only on the State side of things, with a raft of electoral boundary changes throwing curve balls and experts calling it the closest election since 2011, but on the local front as well. Bus stops, village corners and all the social feeds you’re aimlessly scrolling from here to Duffys Forest and back are awash with policies, pop up events and smiling faces. Not to mention the bustle for poster pole position at your local roundabout. Crowded! The candidates are pounding the streets, or Bookoccino on Sunday, and locals are repping their picks on cars, t-shirts and Facebook newsfeeds. What’s On Avalon even temporarily lifted their ban on political content in the lead up to the main event, and you bet we’ll be scrolling that with popcorn and a glass of wine. No matter which way you lean, or if you don’t really lean at all, it’s more than important to have your say on March 25 if you want to play a part in shaping the micro world we live in here in beautiful Pittwater and the great waratah state. So get informed if you’re not, or get ready if you are. Democracy and sausage sambos await.

Market wrap

Depending on where you’re looking, you could be in the lows, highs or just plain confused corner of the property market. Yes, Australia has recorded its largest drop in house and unit prices in one year, on record, with 7.9 percent thanks to CoreLogic. Yet Sydney fared better in February, as we spoke about last week, managing to record the only lift of any capital city at 0.3 per cent. And all in all property prices are still higher than pre-pandemic levels across the board, despite the high highs and low lows we’ve experienced in the last three years. 14.3 percent nationally and 7.7 in Sydney, respectively. We haven’t seen the tipping point of the cash rate rises in the market, but experts warn a hike of 4% or more could push people to sell. It’s a stressful time for a lot of people reading this and Shores are here to support you in what we do best. Whether that’s helping you get your head around your property value or putting your place on the market, finding a beautiful rental or buying your little slice of paradise – we’re the experts. Get in touch!

What’s on

We can always count on the clever lads at Bar Elvina to keep things interesting, and their new events are nothing short. Fridays are now home to local resident DJ nights with some fun and familiar faces at the helm. Coupled with happy hour from 4-6pm, it’s the perfect recipe to kick off the weekend without leaving the burbs if you ask us. Tonight it’s Director at Composition by Office Elias Claire Perini spinning the tunes and we can’t wait to hear what she’s got in the bag. However if pasta and a chilled bottle of vino is more your vibe, head down on Thursdays. You can now nab yourself two bowls of their new-menu blue swimmer crab handmade pasta and a bottle of plonk for $80 every Thursday Eve. Date night is well and truly sorted. If only babysitters came with a weeknight deal too.

If you haven’t already been along, pack your camping chair and head on down to Bookoccino for a good old fashioned local candidates debate ahead of the state election. Pittwater’s contenders are throwing their hats, and words, in the ring this Sunday 19th March at 4pm in front of Bookoccino. A forum like this is one of the best ways to get a real look at the people you may be putting your ballot in the box for – it’s conversational, (somewhat) candid and there’s always the curly questions that provide a good insight into what they really care about… and what they don’t.

Pivoting majorly from politics to power leggings, there’s a very popular pre-loved and brand new clothing sale from the co-owner of an equally popular clothing brand happening this Saturday 18 March from 8am – 10am at 23 Kevin Avenue, Avalon. You can bet you’ll find a designer, fashion or activewear steal at this eagerly-awaited event that doesn’t normally go beyond family and friends. Count yourself lucky and don’t miss out.

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