Song and Dance in Avalon…

Fabulous turnout at the Avalon ANZAC Day services. And the fine drizzle finally ceased as ‘Hallelujah’ was sung, a moving moment. Well done Avalon!
One consequence of the strength of the property market over the past 2 years, and of the reopening of borders, with more people turning up from overseas, and expats returning (the increasingly harsh lock-down in HK/China seems likely to drive more home from there…) is that the rental market is currently exceptionally strong across the state. Locally, that is being added to by prospective buyers looking to establish themselves locally whilst looking for a property to purchase.
The net effect has been an ongoing strong rental market, increased by a smaller rental pool after some owners took advantage of strong capital growth to sell over the last couple of years.
Our Property Management team is flat out leasing, and, to be frank, we are still seeing huge demand across all price points, with many properties achieving unprecedented returns. We enjoy working with our landlords and have enjoyed long relationships with many. It is a part of our business we take very seriously. If you are a landlord, or potential landlord, do call Sienna Berney on 0431 302 023.
And if you’re a potential tenant, keep an eye on our website!
Several locally born musicians – including Angus and Julia Stone – are performing in support of local independent candidate Dr Sophie Scamps this Sunday (May 1) at Dunbar Park in Avalon in a concert called ELECTION BEATS from 2-4pm on Sunday! The illustrious line-up also includes Lime Cordiale and Sons of the East;DJs Deep Breakfast & special guests Dan Ilic, Tim Silverwood and Izzy Raj-Seppings. Who knew democracy could be this fun!
We hope to see you there!
Also this weekend: You’re invited to attend another special event, the opening of STAGES OF THE DAY an exhibition of paintings by one of Avalon’s up and coming artist’s’ Louis Wayling. Opening night is Saturday 30 April from 6-8pm. The exhibition will be on view from 1-8 May at one of Avalon’s most beautiful retailers: Composition at 45A Avalon Parade, Avalon (just near the post office!). Scroll down to see your invitation.
NSW will begin recognizing buildings where culturally significant people have lived, by rolling out its own version of London’s blue plaque programme, which sees signs mounted on buildings with a short blurb telling passers-by the story of famous former residents. NSW kicked off with 17 names, and will celebrate when it begins installing the first batch on their former homes later this year. None around here yet, although Duke Kahanamoku, the legendary ‘original’ surfer, is mooted to get one on the Northern Beaches – at Freshwater at some point.
There’s an opportunity to nominate people…so, get your thinking caps on! Here’s a few notables: Writers Tom Keneally and Morris West; Artist Sali Herman; Architect Jørn Utzon; Actor Brian Brown; Comedian Spike Milligan…you probably have your own suggestions!
Pet owners alert: Owners are urged to be on the look-out for leeches with this wet weather as well as the deadly virus called Leptospirosis’ – which attacks young dogs and is spread through rats and mice as well as communal water bowls (often seen outside cafes and in local parks). It is usually fatal, but your pet can be immunized. Local vets are urging pet owners to vaccinate your young dogs.
Enjoy this beautiful weather and hope to see you out and about.