SMH Confirms Northern Beaches Is Best!

As if we didn’t already know…but interesting to see that Domain mag – in last weekend’s SMH – ran a ‘special’ on the Northern Beaches.
Whilst we already know how fabulous it is the live here…now, thanks to Domain’s Chief of Research and Economics, everyone else does too!
The report announces that “buyers have had their sights set firmly on lifestyle locations and nothing beats the Northern Beaches. This area had the strongest rates of price growth since the pandemic began”..
Despite the easing of travel restrictions here and abroad, our impression is that many are still reluctant to commit to the uncertainty of overseas travel. For many, home may indeed remain where the heart – and the family finances – stay; for the moment at least.
Aside. This week’s Budget reporting also flagged the ‘exodus’ from NSW over the past 2 years, with 57,000 leaving the state (40,000 since last July). I’m guessing a lot went to Queensland and Tasmania, looking for affordable lifestyle and housing, and in the former case, some sun…
Ah…the weather! When will it stop?! Apparently next week, fingers crossed.
The latest concern everywhere is…mould! There are many suggestions for treatment, but top tips seem to be “Oil of cloves”, diluted and sprayed, and good old hot soapy water…in all cases DRY well afterwards! Certainly, dehumidifiers are great too, but you might have to queue for one.
As we’ve said before, like the weather, the market seems to be cooling. Not falling, but the feeding frenzy is abating…
Having said that, strong interest in good properties remains. Particularly those that meet market expectations (on price) and demand (on property type). Our main buyer demographic groups are downsizers, young families, and investors. So please call me if this sounds like you – and you’re thinking of selling.
Despite all the current uncertainties and concerns, we DO still have exceptionally strong employment levels, which should provide for wage confidence. So, if/when rates rise, hopefully, the impact will be mitigated by potential wage increases.
Whatever…we’ve still been selling! As ever, the best results are when both buyers and sellers have been pragmatic in their respective demands and expectations.
And our advice to those seeking a long term family home is still the same…if you love it, buy it! Over a number of years, you’ll be repaid many times over! But don’t buy – or, for your own sanity, even look at – what you cannot afford to support in mortgage repayments.
And if you’re selling…don’t be unrealistic, be rational!
Locally…the Budget promised money for an upgrade to the much-flooded-and-congested Wakehurst Parkway, a key route to the Northern Beaches Hospital and to the Lower North Shore. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to offer any plan to elevate it, where it floods, just to widen it…and then not really on the critical part between Oxford Falls and Narrabeen. Without wishing to get political, this seems pretty half-baked…
A reminder. Avalon’s Centenary celebrations are ongoing, having been deferred by Covid from late last year. There’s a lot planned…But this in particular is interesting…
The Avalon Story series is being produced to mark the centenary of businessman and land developer Arthur J. Small naming the area in late 1921.It’s being aired on Saturdays at 9.00am on Radio Northern Beaches (88.7/90.3FM). Wendy Frew and David Stewart-Hunter will talk to locals about their memories of growing up in Avalon, community work they have done and businesses they have established. Listen on demand at
A couple of episodes are already up…it’s a great listen!
Lastly…an ‘out of area’ heads up. The Easter Showkicks off on April 8, out at Homebush, after being cancelled for 2 years! After Covid storms and floods, I reckon the country folk deserve a break. And everyone loves a showbag!