Rain Rain Stay Away!

Unfortunately, Covid just won’t go. Given the apparent increased virulence of the latest strain, Government suggests we all take care, and we notice that more and more people around the villages are resuming mask wearing in public areas. Well done. Let’s see this through together

Local stuff. If you’re looking to brighten up the walls of your home (new or old) the Pittwater Artists Trail is always really interesting…

There are a huge number of talented creatives living locally, with all sorts of skills, and it’s definitely worth a look. Put a note in your diary for the weekend of July 23-24


The battle of the leash-free beach access for dogs continues! The trial areas at North Palmy and Mona Vale are a step closer. It’s a long process…


And for fashionistas…Lee Mathews, and her wonderfully creative clothes, that never fail to make us feel a little bit lovely, shifted out of Newport a while ago. We’re delighted to see she’s back…this time to Avalon, next to “The French” – hooray!

So is Avalon now the new fashion hub? I think possibly it is! With home grown Bassike, Trenery, Witchery…the lot. We’ve moaned for ages about the vacant shopfronts, well, now that they’re filling up…let’s shop local!

Woolies has reopened (not bigger, looks better, seems to have more choices) still in Barefoot Boulevarde, so there’s no longer any need to go elsewhere for the basics. Stick around in the Village and ‘do’ coffee, lunch, drinks, dinner…

And for locals, old AND new, who are interested in the history and people, Radio Northern Beaches ‘Avalon Story’ is being repeated on Saturday mornings…

They offer a unique insight into our community. Or, here’s the link to the podcasts, you can listen at your leisure…


Gardens…now, obviously, we specialise in houses and apartments, but there’s no doubt that good greenery attracts buyers, and is a great asset for occupiers.

While the lawnmower hasn’t been needed for the past few weeks, one effect of all the torrential rain we had throughout late summer and autumn – and the extra deluge recently – is that much of the ‘goodness’ in the soil has been washed away.

So, worth getting out and replenishing the nutrients…and if you’re thinking of replanting or moving stuff, it’s a good time to do it now; then everything will be bedded in and settled before Spring…when, hopefully, we get some warm weather! Hopefully…

Aside. An interesting piece by architect Peter Stutchbury on trees:

And if you’re off to Bunnings to get the fertiliser…the sausage sizzle is going up from next weekend – from $2.50 to $3.50! Don’t complain, it’s for charity!

The resurgence of torrential rain might have brought back bad memories from a couple of months ago, but it may also have revealed any roof and gutter leaks you’ve got. Use the opportunity to note it and repair it when the weather is better. In some cases it’s also flagged drainage issues and that’s definitely worth getting on top of, whether it’s a retaining tank in the garden, or failing waterproofing in the house!

Interest rates. Up again by 50 basis points last week, which is pretty much what markets expected. And they are going up further, to address the inflation we’re all feeling in food and fuel prices. Pretty much everywhere, here, NZ, US, UK, Europe…

Money supply is tightening, and the loan amounts are reducing. There’s not much more to be said. However, some think that inflation might not continue into the stratosphere. And rates might not go quite as high as some have predicted. Perhaps we can take heart from action across the Tasman, where NZ house prices are looking towards a soft landing


Though you may not be able to call the market – or the weather – you CAN call in on US.

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