Very soon, it seems, our world will favour those that have been fully vaccinated. I hear certain local establishments (such as the RSL and the two Bowlosat Avalon and Newport) are opening up soon – but only to those who are fully vaccinated along with their staff. Hopefully, this is baby steps towards a normal life for us all.
As we mentioned last week, one effect of the latest lockdown has been that many have spent time and money ‘fixing up’ everything in sight – at home.
Another has been that with ‘working from home’, now commonplace, many have also upgraded their technology…faster internet, new laptops, anything to make home/work life easier.
If you’re really into ‘tech’, here are a few ideas to further enhance your technical capacities.
Once again, I can report that our market remains as buoyant as it has ever been, unlike some other parts of Sydney – that are reported to be cooling slightly. NOT, we’d emphasis, falling…just that the growth rate is slowing in some parts of Sydney. Of course, every area is a bit different, and ours has been – and remains – very much in demand.
Perhaps we had more room to move – to catch up with some of Sydney’s most desirable areas. Certainly, quite suddenly, it seems the Northern Beaches has come into its own. The upper Northern Beaches…particularly so.
Having said that, the big move out of central Sydney has been to other regional areas as well, but what makes this place special is that we’re very well provided for – with medical services, community centers and decent shops, restaurants and schools…and then there’s our trump card – the beaches!
Our lockdowns to date have generated particularly strong surges in market activity. This one – more so than ever. It’ll be interesting to see how things are, when this one lifts. That’s likely to coincide with the ‘Christmas market’ kick-off.
If you’re planning to sell before Christmas – let’s talk now!
One longer term debate for all local residents it seems is (over) development of our area with more strata units. Particularly, the idea of more development north of ‘The Bends’ where congested routes in and out of the upper Northern Beaches could cause logjams, as well as stretch local services and infrastructure, including parking!
Comments on the subject close on September 5, so this weekend, we’d encourage you to provide feedback…politely and creatively, of course!
And if you’re thinking of renovating your home exterior…think white, and think trees!
You may have already spotted it, but the NSW Government is trialing a requirement that new-builds must have light coloured roofs, and space for trees in the yard. All aimed at reducing the heat in urban areas. The trial’s focus so far has been in the south-western Sydney suburb of Wilton…will it catch on? Let’s see…