La Niña, La Niña, La Niña…

Rain, rain, go away. Unfortunately, it looks as if we’ll have to get used to this, with La Niña – looking likely to make for a fairly soggy summer. So, the drenching continues…! On the bright side it means that your garden will be blooming! It should also make it a great time to plant out: as an aside, as we mentioned last week, sadly Avalon’s Centenary celebrations – scheduled for December 4 – have had to be deferred. But many other events are still going ahead, including exhibitions and information. There’s lots of info online. Plans include planting out 100 trees locally to mark the Centenary event; you can apply to get a canopy tree to plant in your own backyard, for details click on the link.

Sadly, last weekend’s deluge meant that the Pittwater Christmas Market, which was scheduled for last Sunday, has had to been deferred until December 11. That’s to be held at Winnereremmy Bay Park from 10-4 pm. Keep track on Facebook: ‘Pittwater Christmas Market’.

And put a note in the diary to take the kids around to Elaine Avenue, in Avalon, from December 4 – for the Christmas lights, residents there compete to out-shine their neighbours every year. Park the car and go for a walk…the kids’ll love it!

And the new deli, Leonardo’s, now has a firm opening date, for December 7. Deli, bar, snacks…just in time for the festive cheer!

And also in time for Christmas…more housing stock new to the market – see below! We’ve got some seriously lovely offerings for you to consider.

There’s quite a bit of media commentary over potential rises in mortgage rates. However, the RBA’s position is that inflation may pass as supply chain blockages improve and labour shortages ease, and that therefore rate rises early, might be unnecessary. It’s all about managing the risk…the RBA’s stance is to hold back rather than risk killing an economic recovery too early.

Market wrap

Consensus remains that house prices will rise further next year, but at a much lower rate than throughout 2020/21, which will certainly be a relief to buyers, and is unlikely to bother sellers either.
The imminent reopening of borders to vaccinated visa holders and students – is likely to improve demand in the apartment sector, and to herald some improvement in the tourist market. It might also start to mitigate some of the labour shortages, currently in effect in service areas such as hospitality.

We try to stay out of politics; but forthcoming local (Northern Beaches Council) elections are important. They are set for December 4, but you can vote early – from now! At the Avalon Recreation Center and the Newport Public School right up until the day of the elections (December 4). There are existing and new names up for election. We’d urge you to get informed.

Here are our local lease listings for the week.