We flagged the relative value in apartments over the past months, which was based upon the fact that house prices were sprinting ahead, and yet apartments – a pretty limited commodity, particularly North of Newport, were lagging.
Obviously further South (Manly to Mona Vale) where there are many more apartments…whilst there were concerns (last year) about over-supply – with no travellers and no OS students – things have settled, and those units are now selling well. Today, across the Northern Beaches, apartment prices are reportedly up by 27.2% over the 12 months to June, they’re leading the pack in NSW. Having said that, there are still opportunities in our northern end of peninsula, so stay tuned, we have a lovely little one coming on next week.
Well, I am relieved to report that we have our act together when it comes to managing inspections at open homes, under the lock-down restriction rules. If you would like to inspect a property that’s on the market for sale or for lease – you can. What is required is strict timing, limits on numbers of attendees, and all inspections lined up by appointment prior. So far, so good. We’re finding everyone is being really helpful and conducting their inspections in a Covid compliant manner…and we’re grateful for the cooperation of all attendees.
If you are interested in inspecting one of our homes for sale, just email: to make a time; and if you wish to inspect a property for lease; email: We will do all we can to accommodate you!
What we’ve also mentioned before is that there’s relatively little on the market. And what is there is tending to sell pretty quickly. Whilst online auctions are feasible, if slightly lacking the atmosphere and showmanship of ‘real world’ ones, although equally transparent, we’ve been finding that few sales are getting that far. Keen, cashed-up buyers are happy to close a sale fast!
Some vendors have have expressed concern that restrictions might mean they won’t get the best exposure. Our experience is quite the contrary. Buyers are online and watching – and quick to respond to new listings. They are also quite prepared to attend carefully timed opens, and appreciate the opportunity to view it without a crowd around them. In fact, we’ve never felt the market to be SO strong! ‘Tyre-kickers’ and neighbourhood sticky beaks – aren’t bothering…which merely makes the real interest more apparent.
Anyway…auction clearance rates remain at all time highs with overall rates and year-on-year growth in the Northern Beaches still among the highest in NSW.
Everything we have had on the market of late has been running out of the door…so be quick to view a couple of lovely new properties this weekend, all you need to do is mask up, and make an appointment. Scroll down for details…