Home Office Works & Black Friday..!

It’s true: It is getting close to Christmas – but it’s not over yet…!
We’re still VERY busy, with some fantastic late offerings for you. Make sure you scroll down and view.
One of the demands I’ve noticed over the last couple of years from buyers, is a growing interest in home offices or dedicated spaces to work in – from home. The link below will give you some tips on how to make your ‘WFH’ arrangements better or help you create one from scratch. A dedicated home office in our area (particularly) is now very much a desirable asset. Pre-pandemic, they seemed less essential.
…and, if we ARE all going to be spending more time working from home, maybe 2022 will be the year to install solar power and permanently reduce our energy bills. I am assuming that your bill – like mine – has risen over recent times.
In local news…sadly, Avalon’s centenary celebrations have been deferred. Concerns over Covid compliance mean that the main event planned for Dunbar Park on December 4 will now take place in March next year…other markers of the centenary will still take place. Keep up to date onFacebook ‘Avalon Beach 100’. Expect some fun when the event does take place, there’s a lot to celebrate.
In the meantime, you can concentrate instead on voting in the Local (Northern Beaches) Council Elections – scheduled for the same day (December 4) without distraction! We’ve been excited to see localSarah Turnbull join the current Mayor Micheal Regan, and the Independent Team, as a local candidate:
And that is all we have to say about politics! With Avalon and NewportMarket Days’ now consigned to history, the opportunity to find great Christmas gifts, all in one go, has been sadly reduced. However, Mona Vale will hold its monthly market this weekend (on Sunday) – and it never disappoints! So check that out. It is held next to Mona Vale library.
If you’re after even more ideas, and don’t want to chase around, the Big Design Market, will inspire you with its local handmade vibe and online catalog.
Sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded of just how lucky we are. One night this week, we had a drink at ‘Bert’s’, then fab fish ‘n chips whilst watching the gripping doco ‘Girls Can’t Surf’ on the big screen at THE NEWPORT. The film (which, btw, very much demonstrated that girls can indeed – surf!) was perfect viewing on a mid-week balmy evening…
We are fortunate – with fabulous beaches, great pools, walks, trails, restaurants, and a thriving community. But all this needs support. So, where you can, do remember to buy local, spend local, and support the people and businesses that make up our villages…
And now? Scroll down to see what you can view this weekend. We hope to see you out and about this weekend!