Christmas Treats…!

Well here we are; just 6 weeks ’til Christmas!
Over the next two weeks we will be releasing our last listings before the Christmas break. And all of them are special! In fact, I am surprised to be able to offer such wonderful properties so close to the end of the selling season. So, if you want a new place by Christmas, this is your chance!
Actually, in reality, it’s more likely you’d be in for the Summer holidays. there’s still definitely strong demand for the area…the Covid lock-down might be over, but looking for lifestyle – isn’t! For many potential buyers, this year has been tough. Even with record low interest rates, many have been outbid by buyers with deeper pockets, and as a result their hard-saved deposits have needed to be topped up to match rising prices. It’s been a good time for those that already own property as values have risen – and holding costs have fallen. But we are fully aware of the pressures this creates for many buyers, especially as incomes remain flat. In fairness, it’s not just a recent phenomenon, but the past year has been extreme…
Despite there being relatively few apartments locally, certainly compared to the other parts of Sydney, the apartment market does now seem to offer relative value. So, particularly for younger buyers, or downsizers, don’t rule these out…we’ve got a few!
There’s been more speculation about interest rates, with the RBA clearly shifting towards a tightening, although not yet. Whilst every global economy is different, this is definitely the trend, lenders ARE already tickling rates higher, and lending criteria is likely to tighten.
Locally…get your keep-cup ready! Avalon, Newport and Bilgola are all getting behind the BYO Cup week, from December 1-10. Let’s stop waste! Let’s get renewable!
Having had several encounters with ticks – nasty, itchy and usually hard to get to – over recent months, we thought it was worth reminding the many local pet owners that anti-tick treatment can save animals lives…the following article is a timely reminder. For humans there’s a plethora of ‘jungle juice’ sprays, if you’re walking through undergrowth; and if you’re bitten, from experience, ‘Tick Off’ seems to work, and reportedly Lyclear is also effective.
This week’s wet weather is a reminder that summer is not quite here yet…so whether you’re thinking of selling or just wanting to stay comfortable, it’s definitely worth getting your home ship-shape before the break. And if you’re looking to improve your home’s green credentials, and save on bills, here are a few thoughts and ideas…
Scroll down for details of our ‘open for inspections’ tomorrow….we hope to see you out and about!