Books, Bakers & Baristas..!

Well, another week in lockdown…thank goodness for books, bakeries and baristas…what would we do without them?
The RBA is expressing slight concern that the current ‘hot’ market might get out of hand completely, especially if lending criteria loosens.
As keen buyers stretch themselves to get into the market, the increase in ‘interest only’ loans – which basically services the debt but doesn’t reduce it – is deemed a risk for the RBA to monitor. The acceleration in this kind of borrowings is the concern of the RBA, which – if it continues, may lead to intervention…but there is no need to panic.
We can probably expect some tightening in lending criteria (the ‘hard’ solution would be a rate rise) if borrowing remains high. But,if the economic outlook deteriorated, that might leave rates unchanged at all time lows…
The lovely weather has us all thinking of summer. The clear sunny days must be bringing out the Marie Kondo in us…there’s A LOT of clear-ups mounting kerbside I’ve noticed…!
With lockdown outlook still uncertain, the demand for outside space, or proximity to it, seems undiminished, and demand in the Northern Beaches is driving prices up. The median price growth over the past year to June was a staggering 38.7%! But with all these glorious beaches and pools to swim and exercise in and around…that’s not surprising.
Locally, its great to see everyone signing in at Woollies and masking up – and staying ever faithful to our bakers and baristas. We’re getting hip with the new more luxurious “takeaway” options on offer too! They are a fun way to mark special events – if they happen to fall during lockdown.
We love our thriving community, so standing by for these businesses will safeguard that…we need them all – from the newsagent to the noodle bar – to stay!
And for those of you looking to buy: Get ready, get set and go!
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