The Weekly October 28

The budget.

It’s a tough gig, creating opportunity while not further fuelling inflation. 

For property, the government is looking to increase availability of skilled immigration visas. That means more people, and therefore more property. The proposal to release more land to build up to one million new homes over five years could ease some of the pressure on house prices, although the reality is that these are likely to be in Sydney’s outer suburbs where houses are more affordable.

There’s also a plan to reduce the eligibility age for homeowners to downsize (and free up) large family homes.  Older sellers are entitled to a one-off tax-free lump sum payment to their super fund of up to $300,000. The only fly in the ointment is that many older owners remain in their homes simply for lack of suitable alternatives. At Shores, we’ve become experts in this area and really enjoy helping people downsize. It can be overwhelming without support – and that’s where we come in! To qualify, you must have owned the home for a decade and be at least 55 years old (down from last years’ threshold of 60).

And some good news – completely unrelated to The Budget…forecasters from the BOM have predicted the end of La Niña, so we can all look forward to a glorious Summer, just like in the olden days. Hooray!

Nature alert!

Canopy Keepers are a local group whose objective is to keep the tree canopy thriving, and indeed to increase it where possible. We are fortunate that our area is full of trees, which protect us in so many ways, all year ‘round.

They’ve picked up on this story, for the option for Ausgrid to ‘bundle cables’, reducing the need for the usual brutal tree loping that disfigures trees.

Of course, there are perils in nature too! One that pops up around this time every year is magpies swooping. Here’s a bit of advice – In brief, appear friendly and wear an empty upturned ice-cream container on your head!

Much more concerning, and irritating, is the growth in mosquito numbers as a result of the incessant rain and ongoing damp conditions. The occasional splash of sunshine is merely adding to the issue. But be aware, it can be more than just an itch. Last year, mosquito borne diseases were on the rise. Listen here.


The first few days of the implementation of the pedestrianisation project around Woolworths and Old Barrenjoey Road in Avalon are underway. It’ll take a bit of getting used to, but the pedestrian-friendly intention is worth living with for a while to see if it works.

There are also a cluster of zoning issues being investigated by Council.

Interior designers Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke will be at Bookoccinno on Wednesday November 27 to celebrate the publication of their first book ‘Arent & Pyke – Interiors Beyond the Primary Palette’. Arent & Pyke is a Sydney-based design practice, formed by Juliette and Sarah-Jane, delivering interior architecture and design with a unique focus on the decorative arts. Grab your tickets here.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of live music, The Bowlo is among the many places that regularly offers this; Wednesday night Jazz, Sunday afternoon and evening bands, plus occasional ‘specials.’ They’re doing a British Rock theme night on Saturday November 12, 7.30 pm, $30 per ticket.

Up & coming…

Longer term residents will fondly remember the wonderful Starfish restaurant. The chef from there is now over at the Palm Beach Golf Club. The old Starfish restaurant site has now been taken over as Charbels, a day-time cafe and night-time restaurant, serving Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. A number of special nights are planned, including some featuring Alfonso’s legendary paella. Stay tuned for details – the last one was packed out and pumping…

More to come from there, including a new bar opening onto Simmons Lane, which local favourite Leonardo’s has already established a thriving laneway at weekends.

These new additions are all creating a vibrant and enthusiastic cafe and restaurant scene in our local area – and you can feel things hotting up for Christmas…it feels good!

Now is also a great time to start planning if you aim to sell in early 2023. We would love to help!  request a market appraisal – here! Enjoy your weekend & the sun!